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Mikhail Zadornov: Russian history replaced the Germans

Михаил Задорнов: Русскую историю подменили немцы

Satirist took a provocative documentary about ancient Russia

For the project "Rurik. Lost profits, "which obviously never pay off, Zadornov spent two years. Filming in Russia, the Baltic States, Germany, Sweden and the USA. Life in the camps of archaeologists. Ridicule from the "classical" historians.

- Mikhail Nikolayevich, what is all this?

- It was my dream. Film is based on the people's money. Issued the call via the Internet - and the people gathered three million rubles. Imagine how much interest in the subject? The film is designed for those interested in historical truth. Some say that the Slavs - is aria, who arrived from the North Star. Others talk about the descendants of the Atlanteans. I propose to act strictly on science.

- Nevertheless, some historians believed you, to put it mildly, a dreamer.

- Disputes with no one going. In a landmark investigation, I relied on the results of the excavations, etymology, toponymy words on record, myths and legends. The film shows the results of genetic examinations. Do not believe me? A Lomonosov, who wrote that the history of Russia and the Slavs is much deeper than that already in his time was formally adopted, and which still remains in the textbooks?

In the film, I tried to tell the truth about Prince Rurik - the man who stood at the cradle of the Russian state. But I was more interested in the formation of Slavic history, of which we are now forgotten. Make us believe that the Slavs called stupid reign intelligent foreigner Rurik and immediately felt so good. And we are happy to believe this "cranberry."

Noble pirate - Slav

- Some believe Rurik fictional character ...

- Here's Eugene Onegin - a literary hero, Hercules - also invented. You know people whose race went from Eugene Onegin, Sherlock Holmes or Hercules? No such. And from Rurik were the sort Russian tsars. Really they were the assholes that think they came from a fictitious person? In ancient Rurik (Rerek) - a very common male name. There was a tradition of West Princes so narekat eldest son. Rurik - means "falcon". There was a whole tribe, who styles himself Rerik. We know them as obodritov - bodrichey. And on their coat of arms was a falcon. And the falcon dive into a trident, which is now the emblem of Ukraine. Incidentally, he was also the emblem of Ladoga - now it Staraya Ladoga in the Leningrad region - where Rurik began to reign.

- ... Others call it outsider ...

- And the Vikings were Slavs. The word "Vikings" is found only in Russian. It did not use the other Europeans. The Roman historian Tacitus in the II century BC. e. wrote that the Baltic Sea there Waranga country where ¬ bring salt. It is designated as Wagram on medieval maps - southern Baltic coast at the intersection of today's Germany and Denmark. Who are the Vikings? Those who work - laborer, who works - hard workers, and the Vikings - boiled salt. Salt - oil at the time. Slavs - Vikings - even sell it to Rome. These were the ancestors of our Rurik.

Before Slavic tribes lived on the peninsula Jutland (now Denmark. - Ed.) And in what is now Germany to the Rhine. Obodrity - bodrichi - lived on the Oder. And they had a capital city - Port Rarog or Staregrad. It exists and is called ... Rerik. Look at the map - now around German Rarog - Rerik - are towns ashes, Rogov, match, Buk, Buk New. The island, which is located in the bay Rerik bears the name of Wustrow. Everywhere traces of Slavs! By the way, this province is called Warren. Here you have Waranga.

- The Germans also think so?

- German archaeologists have unearthed in Waren about five hundred villages of ancient Slavs. Most of them for 200 - 300 years older Novgorod. As I said one of the scientists, "then all of the magma to the Slavic".

- So, your theory ...

- The Last Prince of the Slavs - bodrichey Godslav was married to pricked - Gostomysla daughter, one of the rulers of the Slavic tribes from Lake Ladoga. They had three sons, the eldest named Rurik. A Gostomysla, according to the chronicle of Nestor, was among a group of elders, which called for "the Vikings because of the sea." When the Germans captured and executed Rarog Godslava, Rurik and his brothers Truvor and Sineus militia and remnants of the pirates have moved in on the Baltic island of Ruegen. Soon the name of Rurik thundered across Europe, his ships went to the coast of Spain, Britain, and France.

Gostomysla at this time is without heirs. His four sons were killed in clashes with the Khazars and the Normans. And he remembers the good for nothing, but terrible grandson. Rurik while preparing an expedition to Sicily, but came down to the request of his grandfather and went to Ladoga. With him he brought ¬ trained army, which had been his former countrymen, and the Vikings, and other mercenaries. Excellent strategist, Rurik remained in Ladoga, the brothers sat in Izborsk Byelozero and - for the protection of the Normans and the Khazars. And at the center of this triangle founded Novgorod. So there was a great union of Western and Eastern Slavs. Was created by a powerful state, which then stopped the invasion of the Teutons.

Lomonosov for this muzzle beat

- Why is the generally accepted theory is that Rurik was Norman?

- This theory was put forward by Catherine the Great is one of the first members of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences - German Gottlieb Siegfried Bayer. He, by the way, in 13 years of living in Russia had not bothered to learn Russian ¬. For his work came out that he had come to Russia Normans handful a few years turned "Dark Country" in mighty power. Slavs dense alien visitors pulled for "hair" of the swamp of ignorance. Let me remind you, Catherine herself - a German, and all subsequent Romanovs. Unfortunately, the ruling elite of the Russian Empire was a popular idea that the Slavs - the people were good and intelligent, but they can only organize the Germans. In extreme cases the Normans, who also German roots. Of course, it was politics. But in the end we were left without their history. Do not live their lives. Clothes, music, movies - not all of their own.

With the Germans tried to fight Mikhail Lomonosov - he believed Rurik Slav. It is known that the Scientific Council of the Academy of Lomonosov even got into a fight with one of the followers of Bayer - the official historian of the Russian State Miller. But this did not save the country's history.

None of the record does not say that Rurik and his descendants were needed interpreters and translators. They spoke to the people in the same language, worshiped the gods. And as Ivan the Terrible Rurik gathered such strength that Europe is scared. And with the help of the eternal enemies of Russia - Poles - were run False Dmitry, excite people in the Time of Troubles. Once Russia took Norman point of view, it is weakened. Before the invasion of Napoleon. Before the Second World War. Hitler wrote to us in the leaflets, the Slavs: "We come to rule. You always called our people. "

- Today, we declare a return to roots. Celebrate the days of the Russian state, military glory, Slavic Literature. Why not admit Rurik "his"?

- Like to have to say that before the arrival of Christianity, the Slavs were savages. Honestly, this film is dedicated. Not Rurik, he only attract attention. Culture have been the greatest. Today we chop off a thousand years of existence of the Slavs as a minimum. I would like to today's clergy, not to be afraid of paganism. The Greeks, too, are Christians. But remember the ancient gods. And proud of them. And we, the Slavs, today know more about Zeus, what about his Perun.

- Expect to live to the time when your movie in a school textbook?

- I think, another twenty years for this need. To the people of generation, brought up in a different environment. Not those who are concerned about the transition from socialism to wild capitalism. And those who understand: quickly grab does not mean to be happy. Then appears the ground for new ideas for rethinking history.

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